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Looking for insight and solutions to many of today’s biggest rug cleaning challenges? You’ve found the right place.

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There are many rugs out there of all colors, shapes, and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – no instruction manual!

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Not sure what rug to buy for your home? Not sure if you are getting a great deal, or getting scammed? You are not alone.

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Rug Books. (A few of my favorites.)

A common question I am asked, by both rug cleaners and rug enthusiasts, is: “What are some good rug books to buy?” Since I have been giving similar answers in emails quite a bit lately, I decided to share those recommendations in this post. There are scores of books out there on rugs. Some are […]

Rug Fringe. What You Need To Know.

Fringe.  People love it. Or they hate it. On some rugs, it’s short, so it’s not a bother. On others it’s L-O-N-G, and drives some rug owners nuts. (I’ve had more than one take scissors to them in frustration… and then discovered the costly error of their ways, which we will get to later in […]

Rug Chick in the New York Times

Hello Rug Chick readers, My mom Kate, our team, and I are super excited that our company (K. Blatchford’s Rug Cleaning in San Diego) made today’s Home section of the New York Times (4/4/13). Columnist Linda Lee wanted advice on the proper care for rugs, and what rugs are worth buying today. New York Times […]

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